It’s important you know that so far, Acrimony hasn’t been getting great reviews from some highly rated movie review sites but that’s largely because each reviewer brings on an argument. The keyword is argument! Acrimony forces a myriad of emotions from everyone who has seen it. It’s either defense, ridicule, arguement or an explosion of rage. The list goes on.

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Tagging this movie a thriller is all so troubling. For one, only a bit of the movie actually showcases a few elements of the genre. It could be a drama but it sits better as a tragedy.


5 Stars

Make no mistake, Acrimony is a good movie but let’s face facts, it wasn’t a fantastic movie and I’d tell you why.

First, let’s grab ourselves all of the goodness we can get.

The Story…

Written, produced and directed by Tyler Perry, Acrimony tells the tale of a woman hell bent on getting revenge for the supposed wrongs done to her by her ex husband. The movie opens to Melinda Gayle (Taraji  P Henson) in a session with a psychologist. She has been ordered by a judge to see a shrink for her anger management issues.

Through the eyes of Melinda, we are introduced to Robert ( Lyriq Bent), a college student who owns nothing but his dreams and his cherished Nina Simone records. Melinda falls in love with Robert and spares nothing to support her man against the wishes of her sisters. In 18 years, Melinda spends her $350,000 inheritance money on Robert and his self charging battery invention but gives it all up when she suspects that he cheated on her with the same girl she caught him with whilst they were dating.

Melinda and Robert (scene from movie)

Thrown out and divorced, Robert finally hits a break through the help of Diana who now holds an important office in the company Robert had tried to reach out to for years. He is offered $75 million and his life takes a dramatic turn.

Taraji P Henson as Melinda Gayle

Considering that the tale is chronicled by Melinda, a lot of the opinion and emotions is doctored to fit the views of the speaker. We never really know Robert’s side (we can never judge him accurately) so picture a woman who in her opinion has given her all to a man, lost her ovaries while fighting to keep her man (OK… That isn’t exactly true. Melinda damages her ovaries when she goes crazy and crashes her car into Robert’s truck for screwing around with Diana) then gets the rude awakening of the success she had worked so hard for but not with her in the picture but another woman.

The complicated story causes almost everyone who has seen the movie to have an argument to put on the table. On one side of the table, you want to tear Robert apart. Melinda married him and his tall dreams. He promised her the world and for him, she gave everything. One moment of “I am sick and tired of your bullshit” after 18 years wasn’t enough to make Robert move on. He should have fought right ?

You might also want to pitch your tent with the side that gives Robert a thumbs up! He appreciated her sacrifice. He did not owe her $10 million atleast not technically but he offers her money, buys back her mother’s house and gifts her a brand new car. He moves on with another woman which was also a matter of choice. She chose to leave dumping her 18 years of toil. It’s like having your cake and still wanting to eat it.

The Thumbs Down…

Acrimony is a typical Tyler Perry story. Comparing this movie with most of his prior releases, you really can draw a nice map and make yourself a nice cup of steamy coffee while at it. Most boring is the psychologist and patient (Counselor and Patient) story line.You might want to compare Acrimony and Temptations: Confessions of A Marriage Counselor.

The Flashback technique is the oldest technique of all of Perry’s movies. Considering that this was one of the most anticipated movies of 2018 especially for lovers of All Black cast Hollywood movies, this movie should have shot through the roof and made a big bang.

Lyriq Bent

While the story isn’t any less intriguing, the story also isn’t phenomenal. Many of Perry’s fans would expect that with the years of experience, Perry would improve on his style of writing. Tyler Perry’s stories are relatable, arguably a little unrealistic but relatable nonetheless.None of his stories are mind shuddering. It’s almost like eating Egusi every time. Egusi is great but who wouldn’t like a little draw?

While a lot of you were basking in all the emotions that the movie elicits , did you notice that we never found out how Melinda got on the boat?

How did Taraji P get on the boat?




If you are reading this, I’m super glad and excited to welcome you to my world. There are two things I simply can’t do without; writing and watching movies. Movie reviewing for me is an opportunity to do both. I simply watch movies and let my readers see these movies through my objective lens.

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  • Mamazeus! Ah! This was a great movie o.. The fact it’s eliciting so many different emotions I guess is part of the thrill of the movie. Frankly I was saddd after it, I was sad all though the ride home. Melinda didn’t deserve to die!! But I guess that’s the easiest way out for her… She was far gone into crazy. I feel like I should be angry at Robert but why? Melinda divorced him and he tried to beg her but I guess he should have still tried after he got the money but then he paid her, he tried to settle all the investments she made in him. And for Diana? She’s not even a bad person. She helped a friend and reaped the benefits so who should I be angry at really? I think the person is Tyler Perry. I am angry with him for writing this type of depressing story! And yes! How did Melinda get on that boat?? Sigh! May we never find ourselves in this type of situation. Patience? It’s a virtue.. But Melinda was patient no.. For 18 years?? In fact. I don’t know. God help us all.

  • This was definitely my most anticipated movie for 2018 (not black panther.. shhh don’t tell anyone oo). Yesss you definitely did justice with your review, I was also sad just like @Lerie Hills. However I just want to say though there are similarities to the other Tyler Perry movies, this one was definitely very different, the way she narrated the story, made the type of comments I would definitely make was just authentic, real, relatable and unique for me! And Taraji is a “confirmed” actress, just perfect for the role. Idk what others are saying oo, but was definitely a Big Bang for me👌🏽

  • No no no… I disagree with this one Mamazeus. Not completely but for some parts. True the story was told from Melinda’s pov but he eventually tipped it to the logical question of what if she has always been a nut case, what if she believed the worse about her husband, what if his motives were genuine. We can’t deny the fact that he is a lazy asshole. Excuse my French. But inasmuch as her was pursuing his dream, he failed in his one role as a husband and partner to Melinda by failing to join in contributing for the family.

    Yes I agree Tyler has a writing style and we can’t blame him for sticking to it. The main issue is for him to give us a good black movie with loads of lessons because that’s what we know Tyler Perry for. Infusing lessons and life situations into each and every of his movies.
    The question of how did she get on the boat was one I asked too… And it was bad that they forgot a vital part like that.

    But I love how the story turned out. I love how it made us question love, relationship, rights and wrongs on both side of the couple..

    To me Acrimony is a good one

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If you are reading this, I’m super glad and excited to welcome you to my world. There are two things I simply can’t do without; writing and watching movies. Movie reviewing for me is an opportunity to do both. I simply watch movies and let my readers see these movies through my objective lens.