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Dr Mekam is the most under-looked movie in the cinemas right now and I say this with all authority. Surprisingly, what it lacks in a cinema celebrated cast, it makes up in message. Although I think that the entire movie was flat ( zero climax), it appealed to my movie senses on some levels.


4 Stars


In this hilarious dramatic comedy, highly successful Diaspora based Nigerian medical Doctor decides to return home and run for the office of the Governor of Anambra state as “a humble stepping stone to becoming the President of Nigeria” but navigating through the dark, murky and very diabolical waters of the Nigerian politics proves quite an uphill task for Dr Mekam.

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Dr Mekam
The official poster of the Movie “Dr Mekam”

Dr Mekam is a hilarious chronicle of the political journey of a successful and intellectual Nigerian Medical Doctor who decides to leave a rather unfulfilling job in America to return to Nigeria and run for the office of the Governor of his State; Anambra.  Dr Mitchel Mekam’s game plan is to build a corrupt free and progressive state but this plan is strongly opposed by the people and the existing system of rot and corruption that the people are used to. The movie explores ironical twists as while in truth, Dr Mekam’s ideologies will bring drastic change and progress, the people see his unshakable resolve to not involve in any form of money exchange (Bribery), Bag of Rice campaign strategy as a clear cut sign that he has nothing to offer them. Ultimately, the movie ends with Dr Mekam bowing down to the system of things with the hope that he would get a chance in the future to do things his way. The movie stars Kalu Ikeagwu, Uche Jombo, Seun Akindele, Yemi Blaq, Andrea Chika Chukwu among others.


The movie in truth expresses its subject matter using comic dialogues however, I refuse to accept that Dr Mekam is a comedy of any sort. Why?

Clearly, it omits the primary feature of a comedy- a happy ending. So while the movie director, Ike Nnaebue argues that his movie is a dramedy, I prefer to categorize Dr Mekam as a Satire. For one, it employs a lot of humor, irony, exaggeration to point out the vices of the Nigerian political system.

With that out of the way, a look at the movie itself. The movie’s interpretation of subject matter was great to say the least. The use of really relatable dialogue aided not just the realism of the movie but further propelled the message of the story.

I particularly loved how dramatic the monologue in the first scene was. That actually got me to sit up and pay attention. The exaggerated language of the major character created the most part of the humor in the movie. See a clip from the trailer:

While I laud the subject matter which I think is apt considering that elections are around the corner, the movie lacks a substantial amount of suspense and absolutely no iota of climax.


Moving forward, character delivery wasn’t so great and worse was the character “Mrs Mekam” Oby Uzoukwu. I couldn’t shake off the disconnect I felt. Considering that they (Dr and Mrs Mekam) are a couple, the lackluster, emotionless dialogue shows that their marriage is troubled which apparently wasn’t  the case or probably wasn’t developed enough. Also, the movie could have made use of more extras. The sparse crowd in the campaign and party scenes did the movie no justice.

Ultimately, the movie raised the bar some notches higher if you are judging from the point of subject matter and genre (definitely not a dramedy) but could have been better on a zillion levels.





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  • Nwanem, not all comedy should have a happy ending oh… (I stand corrected). However, the delivery of Uncle Kalu (to me) was not effortless therefore making an artificial impression of that exaggerated accent his Character was supposed to have.

    Good review anyways. More Grace to you.



If you are reading this, I’m super glad and excited to welcome you to this platform.

It’s entertainment news & movies all the way!