Disguise Genre: Drama? Comedy?

Not quite sure guys! At this rate, I am seriously beginning to doubt the directorial skill of ace Nigerian actor, Desmond Elliot. I mean, he is  behind the direction of most of the terrible cinema releases of 2018.


1 Star


“The movie aims to solve the age-old question “what do men and women want?”. Do you get it? It comes with an adventure-filled, hilarious twist.” 

Nancy Osime in Character for the Movie, Disguise

The Desmond Elliot directed Disguise seeks to answer the age long question of what women and men really want. Amazingly, the conflict and resolution is initiated by the major character, Theophilus Von (Wale Ojo), a successful writer who has experienced three failed marriages. Resigned to fate and suggestion of his friend, George (Desmond Elliot), he decides to invest 20 million Naira in a research aimed at  discovering what men and women truly want.

The conflict is set rolling when the all knowing (with all forms of sarcasm) Theophilus Von sets his researchers, Hengi and Lambo  in the University of Lagos disguised as men and women respectively. Hengi disguises as a man (Melvin) and Lambo, a transgender-like female (Belindah).

Put in the care of a young lecturer, Romulos (Daniel K Daniel) who is set to marry an equally young lecturer, Gigi (Toyin Abraham), Melvin (Nansy Osime) and Belindah (IK Ogbonna) are set to disgust us (audience) with more mechanical dramatic nonsense as they try to survive 21 days of living in male and female hostels, cougars and randy cult boys.


My 2 cents?

This movie spent money attempting to answer the wrong question. If the production crew had answered “What do Nigerians Really Need”, we wouldn’t even be bundled with this mess!

Disguise is a perfect example of what not to do to yourself especially on a sunny afternoon.  I think a board needs to be set up to stop movies like this from seeing the lights of the cinemas. I mean to say everything about this movie was a Hell No and  costuming wasn’t left out.

From the tops, the conflict was extremely unrealistic.  Where on earth do grown women meet a stranger (female or not) to check their breasts and decide which is bigger because they fancy the same man? Again, the last I checked, the Unilag Lagoon isn’t deep enough to make for an escape route from people hell bent on catching fleeing impostors.

Realism is a key element of the Drama Genre

The reckless neglect or possibly the underestimation of the audience’s ability to apply common sense dragged the movie to its even more ridiculous end where we realize that Theophilus Von is the catalyst of the minor conflict  Belindah and Melvin encounter in the bid to find the answers they seek.

The Story…While the story could have passed the above average mark, the rise of the plot (What would we even call the plot adopted in this movie? No Plot Style) soon came scrambling down like Jerichan walls.

For one, I loved how they presented the issue of some men feeling emasculated by successful women  through the characters, Gigi and Romulos. The pair are set to be married till news that Gigi is set to be made Head of Department almost ruins their happily ever after. Romulos believes that a woman must always be beneath her man,  a view point that Gigi totally cannot stand for.

The story even from the official synopsis centers around finding the answer to the age old question of… However, the movie ends without a logical answer to the question. The researchers end up dancing around the needs and wants of men and women, likes and dislikes without actually answering the question.

Acting Delivery… This movie made even the finest actors look like a bunch of amateurs. From the start of the movie, I mentioned to my movie buddies that the dialogue appeared to flow quite well but then again, that was short lived. Many of the extra acts sounded too much like they were reading off a prompter. Toyin Abraham took the theatrics to the next level. I love her but on this project, I rate her below standard.

IK Ogbonna in all honesty should consider a new venture as acting isn’t his calling.

Let’s be honest guys, I have seen the actor in well over five movies and every time I see him, I feel like getting up and sitting in a refrigerator till the movie ends. The effortful theatrics are a pain to watch. Nancy Osime on the other hand gave the movie a good shot. The more experienced guys like Desmond Elliot and Wale Ojo should go get their compliment  from a roadside drug dealer even if I feel they deserve some applause for their representation of character.

Sound? Forget it!

Finally, let’s talk about Costuming. I doubt I am the only one who found their costumes either too much, too little, downright bizarre or jaw-droppingly ridiculous.

I swear I saw the White Camisole (Singlet Style) worn by Toyin Abraham underneath her wedding dress. Her hair? Oh No!

I tried to catch a glimpse of it…

In all reality, there was no way that IK Ogbonna would have passed off as a chick and his outfit did not make it any better.

Disguise is a sorry excuse of a movie and is definitely not what Nigerians need in 2018.



If you are reading this, I’m super glad and excited to welcome you to my world. There are two things I simply can’t do without; writing and watching movies. Movie reviewing for me is an opportunity to do both. I simply watch movies and let my readers see these movies through my objective lens.

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  • Mamazeus….. Haba….. Calm down na! This is damn savage!

    As much as you have a lot of points, i could practically feel the passion with which you poured them on the page (which is typical of you anyway). Abeg, calm down o. I am learning a whole lot tho…. If not what to do, at least what not to do.

    • If you had seen the movie, you would understand the frustration behind her pen. This is the worse movie I have seen this year and Precious did justice to criticizing it well. I would have abused the director, script writer and producer for wasting my money. See the movie first and understand the criticism.

  • Lmao! I think some movies are made based on the assumption that Nigerians are stupid and gullible. Mtcheeeew!
    By the way, I don’t think Ik Ogbonna is that bad an actor sha. He dey try small.
    Thanks for the review!

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If you are reading this, I’m super glad and excited to welcome you to my world. There are two things I simply can’t do without; writing and watching movies. Movie reviewing for me is an opportunity to do both. I simply watch movies and let my readers see these movies through my objective lens.