A lot of reviewers seem to argue that Avengers 3 or Avengers Infinity Wars is the best Marvel production just yet. I get the need to want to tow that line, considering that I am not an authority… just yet but Come On ! Why laud it if it didn’t do much for my taste buds?


Sci-Fi/ Adventure

If you are not an MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) fan (clearly down to the comics kinda fan), Avengers 3 might be a little too much for you to wrap your head around. But luckily for you, this review was written just for you!


7 Stars

Be careful not to get over yourselves with the number of stars above, Avengers Infinity Wars felt like sticking a bitter-leaf juice laced hand in the mouth of a child who has refused to stop sucking. In the end, it’d benefit the child. But as of this moment, the feeling of betrayal is a little too much to bear. Take it we (audience) are the recalcitrant child and May 3rd 2019 (official release date of the sequel) feels like a decade.


I found this well rounded synopsis that made my life so easy from PluggedIn . However , you still have to read mine:

In Avengers Infinity Wars, we are faced with a larger than life villain whose quest for ultimate power and the restoration of the universe through genocide makes for the conflict of the screenplay. Thanos seeks to possess the six stones of power planted when the universe first came into existence.

Avengers Infinity Wars
Thanos is probably the most incredibly Herculean Villain of the MCU

The story progresses with Thanos successfully acquiring first the Purple Power stone, then the Tesseract (Blue Space Stone), the Red Reality stone, Soul Stone, Time Stone and finally the Mind Stone which we all agree was the most heartbreaking to posses- He yanks it from the forehead of Vision leaving him looking like a piece of toast bread.

Avengers Infinity Wars

An incredible number of MCU’s superheroes make a tremendous comeback as they all put up a fight through the course of the movie. However, by a stroke of fate, the villain emerges victor as the movie ends with all six gemstones in Thanos’s possession and half of your favorite heroes dissolve like Cowbell Instant Milk.


But Black Panther just got here! Why Marvel? Why? Remember what makes for a great story? Its ability to eject intense emotion from its audience. In this case, it ranges from shock, disbelief, anger, dissatisfaction. Take your pick, it’s deserving.

Avengers Infinity Wars goes a great mile to tell a story and a good narrative it sure delivered. Its shocking switch in expectation knocked many of its viewers off their seats. But they’d agree that they have never seen any like it.

With just the right amount of humor and the already established faith in some of the enormously powerful superheroes, no one saw it coming that Thanos would end up the champ. Thor getting that strike at Thanos heart was the closest to climax we (viewers) got the chance of getting. But the rug was rapidly pulled from under our feet when Thanos said: “You should have gone for the head”!

As initially stated, Avengers 3 is a lot for a beginner to handle so its best to update yourself on the previous releases to at least get acquainted with the superheroes. However, that poses a problem.

By design, the plot of Marvel movies never really have a complete denouement and require a sequel or more to wrap up a story. In MCU, the stories never wrap up, it keeps growing branches here and there. The same theory goes for Avengers Infinity Wars. The story is just another fantastic addition to the 10 years long narrative. Isn’t that rather insolent of the makers to think that the world would sit on its hunches waiting for another release?

Sure We Will!

Unquestionably, Avengers Infinity Wars would have been just another crazy combo of Marvel’s most incredible heroes but for its striking end. If you just saw the movie, it’d take sometime to get over the heartbreak. But in the end, the feeling of dissatisfaction will settle over your hurt and with it a resignation as we mere puppets live each day in anticipation of May 3rd. 2019.

Avengers Infinity Wars

If this doesn’t look like a F*** You Earth photo, you probably haven’t seen the movie. Get updated 😉



If you are reading this, I’m super glad and excited to welcome you to this platform.

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  • what was the criteria used to select the half population that dissolved like sugar cubes dipped in water ?

  • Oh mama! My chwest wen i watched the movie. I was not warned… y didnt you warn me. Gomora died, even Fury 😟. Hours after leaving the cinema, i was still in a daze. MCU played a tricknon me mehn. While i was feeling sorry for T’challa cos i tot Okoye was about to dissolve, MCU went behind my back and took Black Panther. 😭😭😭😭😭😭



If you are reading this, I’m super glad and excited to welcome you to this platform.

It’s entertainment news & movies all the way!