Talented Nigerian singer, Wizkid, has shared what his life would have become had he not chosen music as a career path.

The award-winning artiste recently sat down for a chat British supermodel and television personality, Naomi Campbell.

According to Wizkid, music completely transformed his life, noting that he would probably have been on the streets if not for music.

The father of three who stated that he was not born into a wealthy family, noted that music has blessed him and made him a blessing to his family and those around him.

In his words,

“If I wasn’t blessed to be doing music I would have probably been on the streets.

“I am not from a rich family and I wasn’t raised with a silver spoon so I feel I was blessed so I can be a blessing to my family and to those around me.

“I believe if I wasn’t making music I would have been on the streets hustling like every other kid.

”God blessed me with music and it’s safe to say music changed my life. It also changed the life of those I love and care about.”

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