Author: Omena Daniels
Reviewed by Kenneth Ejogo

Once in a blue moon, a piece of literature hits the shelves and melts
our hearts because it is packed with the potential to usher humanity
into an era of increased knowledge; answering age-long questions and
putting to bed controversies as old as time itself…
I dare you to look out the window and see that the moon is blue tonight!

Book Cover


The Author

Omena Daniels is a lawyer turned writer and filmmaker with over 15
years experience in the Nigerian and international media space. His
experience spans television, advertising, publishing and now film.
Cutting his teeth at a young age with Nigeria’s biggest collegiate
magazine in the early 2000s Campus Ovation as Head Writer and later
Editorial Director. He gained national prominence as Editor and later
Editor in Chief and COO of Nigeria’s longest-running romance and
celebrity journal Hints & Hints International, where he picked up the
moniker ‘love doctor’.  He then launched his now rested publication
Bloke Magazine, a publication dedicated to helping women understand
and love the man of color.

As communications’ strategist, social commentator and public speaker,
Omena is uniquely gifted and gratefully positioned to pen this writ on
the nuances of men and the women that seek to love and nurture them.

The Book

In an age where the subtleties of the human male-female (or is it
female-male?) interaction has been taken to all-time levels of
ridiculousness and human psychology is fragile and wracked to
a near-breaking point, accurate literature on navigating this terrain of
love has never been so desperately needed, as now.

Indeed, HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME NOT, takes a leisurely dive into the mind of the man and attempts – and succeeds – in deconstructing the
varied and seeming complex structures that exist therein, thus paving
the way for the woman to reach that desired goal, that elusive trophy,
that hallowed throne…. True Love.

The book provides answers to all the age-old questions that have
plagued the hearts of womenfolk since Adam and Eve chewed
thoughtlessly on a fruit and ran around with fig leaves tied round
their midsection. As a woman’s best friend, it analyses the inner
psychological workings of a man’s mind, exposes the various types of
men to avoid, and breaks each element into relatable everyday

Divided into three sections: Book One, Book Two, and Book Three,
dealing effectively on finding love, nurturing love and coping with
lost love respectively, the book delivers accurate tips, and draws on
back-up articles, one-on-one interviews and life experiences, which
all form the resource pool for the book.

For example, book One Chapter Five explores the real reasons why men
abandon seeming beautiful relationships and demystifies the aura of
inscrutability which surrounds his actions, and proves most surely,
that men are not as difficult a being as first imagined. It also,
without doubt, disabuses women’s minds of that familiar notion that
“all men are scum.”

Book Two focuses on ‘how to keep your man’, digging rather deeply into
the inner crevices of his mind and offering up answers to another
vexing question that has plagued women since the dawn of time: “Will
he marry me?” And for the plethora of women who sadly aren’t taken
yet, HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME NOT, tells them exactly why.

In a world where individuality is a way of life among women, losing
love and coping with breakups is copiously treated in Book Three with
chapters on grief, getting your groove back and even getting your ex

Each book/section is preceded by relatable relationship quotes, and
more quotes before every chapter, as well as five lessons or talking
points from each chapter. The quotes can be described as a play on
wit and are directly suited to the open heart willing to love and be
loved. And for those brainy beauties who would prefer a liberal sprinkling of science to the art, the book is chock full of theories,
assumptions, relationship formulas and equations, as well as research
data gathered by relationship experts from all over the world.

Written with a steady flow of wit that authenticates the writer’s
skill with the written word, the fun and witty delivery of the book
ensures that the reader bonds easily and develops an affinity for
every message. Assuredly, HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME NOT is a
conversational masterpiece, laden with anecdotes written and delivered
with deft wit and a smooth oratory charm rarely felt in book form.

Without a doubt, HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME NOT, is the undisputable
roadmap to the what, who, when, why and how of a man’s mind. And for
those women who get hopelessly lost in its thick under brushes, this
book is the perfect guide to get them situated on the right road to
relationship utopia.

Release Date

Hard Cover Release: November 2019
International E-book release (iTunes, Amazon) : February 1 2020
Audiobook release: summer 2020



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If you are reading this, I’m super glad and excited to welcome you to this platform.

It’s entertainment news & movies all the way!