It is almost 1:00 am as I pen down this post by Chidinma Nwabueze. You see lately, I have been going through a bunch of scary hurdles that in my naivety feels herculean.

By a stroke of fate, I check out my Facebook account only to find this very inspirational but heartbreaking story of pain by a former course mate and friend, Chidinma Nwabueze.

As you might expect, it is a long read but totally worth it especially if you are going through what you might think to be a terrible issue but before you do, the comforting words of Deuteronomy 31:8 has been my solace and it might be yours too.


Today, I am going to strip myself naked. I’m going to share something that no one on Facebook knows about me except for some few friends. In my previous post, some persons encouraged me to cry, wait till you hear my story and you can then understand why being strong is my only option. I have always wanted to share this but one thing I have grown to hate is pity.

When I was 6 or there about,I started developing issues on my right knee. It was like a dislocation. My parents thought I was developing a bowed leg so they left it thinking I would soon outgrow it. When I became 8,it got so bad. It was no longer a bow leg. I started feeling torrents of pain. One day on my way to school, my leg ceased to move. I could no longer move my joints. It was one Rev. Sister that used some oil to lubricate it and took me home. My father decided to swing into action. He took me to one private orthopaedic surgeon that had operated on his cousin not knowing the surgeon was a quack doctor. He would later regret that day.

The surgeon took me to the theatre for a correctional operation. The cast he used started decaying my leg.My foot was badly damaged to the point that they wanted to amputate it. By sheer stroke of luck,it was saved but badly damaged.

I started using clutches but later dropped it and my left leg became everything. Francis Bellarmine Ezenwajiaku and co were some of my primary school class mates that would always back me in school and moved me around.

Soon, the left leg started having issues too. My dad took me to Orthopaedic Enugu where the doctors said it was because I shifted all that weight to the left leg. They went on to say they wouldn’t get it right in one go. I was 10 then—That they would need to do the surgery twice when I got to 13 or so. My dad said he was down with it.So they did the surgery on both legs not simulatenously, one for each two weeks.

That’s the worst pain I had ever experienced in my life. It was after the second surgery on the left leg that I stopped seeing my dad at the hospital. It was just my mother. We asked and they said he was a little bit ill. I went through physiotherapy and I was able to walk with the cast,still my dad was nowhere to be found.

On the day I was discharged,it was only my mom and my siblings that came around and my young mind kept on wondering. To cut the long story short,my dad died while I was at the hospital.

I continued going for check ups and all of that. The legs became alright,I used clutches for close to a year but the scars were still there. The doctors kept on reminding us of another surgery. I was so scared of having to go through that torture. I told my mother that I was never going to allow Nigerian doctors to touch me again because the legs started going back to their usual shape.

At my fathers demise,his business started crumbling. Major issues became feeding and school fees so it would be selfish of me to start thinking of going abroad for the correctional surgery again. So,I had to resign to fate and I added it on my bucket list to get the surgery when I start making enough money.In 2014, I got involved with some projects that would help me save up but they fell through. In 2015,I met someone where I was serving ,we got serious and he wanted the surgery done in the country where he was staying—all expense paid. My first visit was already being planned by him last year. I wouldn’t give out the details right now but everything crumbled. I was depressed but I found a way to weather that storm.

Chidinma Nwabueze
Chidinma and her amazing smile!

I am making this post today not because I want a pity party but because I am so much more than my issues. I am not going to pretend I don’t want to be whole, I can give anything to be whole and that’s why I shared some of my journey with you. Why would anyone want to shame me with something I have lived with as a baby? I have gone under the knife like 3 times just to get it right. I have known pain. I have been to hell and back and I have the scars to show for it. It doesn’t limit me because anywhere I go, I shine. I graduated top of my class and I know there’s so much more for me out there. It was stupid of me to let that get to me.

This is a huge part of my thick skin journey. I am the sun, I am the moon, I am the rain, in my own little world, nothing can stop me.

You should know…

Chidinma Nwabueze is one of the hardest working young people that I have had the honor and pleasure to meet. Despite all this pain that she has endured, she manages to keep people around her laughing their hearts out (You can find her on Facebook). She directed my first ever screen play which was her first ever movie production. The movie is titled Inversion so I can let you guys review it for me. Watch below and be nice to me and my cast biko:

Also see the promo photo for the movie that shook my relationship boat:

Chidinma Nwabueze
‘Inversion’ cast


Mamazeus is a budding writer and blogger from Nigeria. Oftentimes described as a "comic storyteller", Mamazeus' articles guarantee a smile from the reader with the glummest disposition!
Movie review blogging is just one of the writer's many interests.

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  • I read the story first on her way and didn’t even have words. It’s funny how people can wear such lovely smiles and poise and have these stories lurking in the gaps between each tooth. She is someonebive come to love and respect and I hope all her aspirations are actualised, not just for this, but because she works for it. She is deserving.

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Mamazeus is a budding writer and blogger from Nigeria. Oftentimes described as a "comic storyteller", Mamazeus' articles guarantee a smile from the reader with the glummest disposition!
Movie review blogging is just one of the writer's many interests.