There are many movies that make me really proud to be a Nollywood fanatic but King of Boys does more than give me the flimsy feeling of pride. This masterpiece right here has scarred me for life. It will go down in history as my all time favorite Nollywood screenplay. Why? I’ll try to avoid spoilers but no promises! 🙈🙈

Verdict: 9.7 Stars

Written, directed by ace filmmaker Kemi Adetiba, KOB plunges into the muddy waters of Nigerian politics and the tool of its key players- corruption. From one end, it’s a tale of social vices and how the idea of right from wrong is perceptive and dependent on the situation of the state of mind, place, and action. The notion that some crimes are not as heinous as others.

On the larger scale, KOB is a story of the rise and near fall of Eniola Salami, a fearsome businesswoman who doubles as a gangster.

Eni heads the table of the deadliest criminals. Her influence as the king of criminals proves beneficial to government official till it no longer becomes convenient. How Adetiba intelligently spins the tale from then on, while keeping her audience completely clueless is one of the reasons (the biggest) why this movie is a masterpiece! This is without forgetting how Adetiba successfully creates a well-rounded character; a feat that has been not-so successfully achieved by her counterparts in recent times.

Eniola Salami (Sola Sobowale) is a fan-favorite for a number of reasons one of which is how her character is created just to resonate with you. Eniola is easily the kind of villain you’ll find yourself falling in love with as her past and journey to relevance reflect a brutal tenacity that is not readily attributed to the female gender. She is shrewd, vicious, impatient; all qualities that culminate to bring about her near downfall.

The opening scenes were the determining factor for most of the viewers (myself inclusive). Adetiba throws us a classic Wedding Party bone. It’s exciting and thankfully not long enough to be classified exhausting. We are promptly ushered into the sleekest Nollywood scene…”ARE WE BARBARIANS HERE ?”

For everyone who has seen the trailer, that scene was screaming on a high C note “Welcome to the baddest movie of the decade”!

A lot of attention was paid to detail in King of Boys and it shows especially with special (cosmetics & prosthetic) effects. If you are expecting to see people falling before getting shot at, complete with no blood in sight or a drop or two at most,😁 You are up for a pleasant surprise.

Another feature of KOB that you’ll find interesting is how it tells our story without taking sides. It’s not just a Yoruba story, it’s Hausa and Igbo at the same time so no one is left out.

Star rapper Reminisce makes his debut film appearance in KOB  with the character Makanaki (Akorede). For a newbie, Reminisce makes a grand announcement while portraying the formidable character.

Another supporting act that should get all the accolades possible in KOB is Toni Tones. Tones plays the young Eniola Salami and I boldly say that a kin eye for dramatics should observe a minute of silence. Why? We need to celebrate the most underrated Nollywood actress in the game.

There are very few scenes that I have found remarkable. My all time favorite has to be the ending scene of  The Godfather III where Micheal’s daughter is shot dead. The next has to be the painting scene from Titanic. The newest addition to my list is the scene from King of Boys where the embattled Eniola comes face to face with her demons. It is a  mind-blowing scene made even more sensational by the weight of its message. Everyone whose death she caused directly or indirectly comes back to haunt her. Here is your protagonist at her lowest and most vulnerable

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I’m always on the look out for roles that allow me to show my range as an actor..then @kemiadetiba gave me the role of young ‘Eniola Salami’ aka ‘The king of boys’ Playing the younger version of someone is No easy feat, but I was up for the challenge. You have to move like them, look like them, sound like them and do everything you can to ensure you are believable as them. I did nothing but study Aunty Sola for weeks from the moment I got the role. I put on weight for this role, (Yup, you heard me LoL) my friends still think I’m crazy for this 😄 I’m still trying to lose the weight 😫 I trained and strained my voice so I could sound more like Aunty Sola. I broke my voice so It could have the husky tone that hers does. For everyone who has been asking if my voice was tampered with digitally to sound like her, nope! This is why. I put a lot into becoming young Eniola and audience’s reactions to just the little teasers of her so far have been overwhelming! humbling! and I’m so grateful. 🙏🏽 People being able to tell within seconds that I must be playing the young @SolaSobowale continues to blow me away, It means everything was worth it because trust me, Aunty Sola really is in a league of her own. I mean I knew she was a great actor, but studying her in numerous films gave me a whole new perspective of her as an actor, watching her do it live, was something entirely different. It brought shivers to my spine. Aunty Sola, you really are the G.O.A.T!!! @kemiadetiba, Thank you for not typecasting me. Thank you for trusting me with this role.Thank you for your amazing direction that guided me. Your brilliance, your attention to detail, your caring and loving nature… Working with you was an amazing experience. #KINGOFBOYS is out everywhere on the 26th of October guys! It is An amazing story written by @kemiadetiba herself, (Yup she wrote it too, just Incase you didn’t know) to her and her wonderful team’s execution of bringing it the story to life and amazing performances by all of the cast. I absolutely can not wait for you to meet ‘Eniola Salami’ young and older! I promise you, this is a film You will hold dear to your heart and be proud of as a a Nigerian.

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If you have seen King of Boys, feel free to drop your comments down there. If not, make a date!

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Mamazeus is a budding writer and blogger from Nigeria. Oftentimes described as a "comic storyteller", Mamazeus' articles guarantee a smile from the reader with the glummest disposition!
Movie review blogging is just one of the writer's many interests.