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Naturally Zeusie Series: Wash Day With My 5 Step Banana Hair Mask

In my mom's voice, "There is nothing natural hair won't make you do" and that includes adding Banana to the hustle! For the Natural hair pros, the Banana Mask for hair growth is no  news but for a whole lot of us, we hear but we never try. The Banana Hair

Naturally Zeusie Series: “It’s Her Hair, It’s Not”! Tips on How I Care For My Natural Hair

After months of persistent messages to write about my Natural Hair journey, I guess I have finally given in with this series. It’s about the shortest and most inconsistent series I’d ever write and I’d tell you why... No, you’d find out pretty soon. History Time The genesis of my natural hair

How the 75th Golden Globes & the ‘All Black Silent’ Protest Should Affect Your Views in 2018

Golden Globes

In all my adult life of being entertainment savvy, I have never seen the magnitude of awareness creation on a subject matter as seen on the 75th edition of the Golden Globes. I’ve never heard so many voices amid the silence of camera flashes, award presentations, glitz and glamour. Silence literally lit

The Exaltation of Slut-Shaming in my Country is Appalling!

The irreparable damage of corruption in my country is one thing but the exaltation of Slut-Shaming is honestly becoming another thorn in the flesh. Barely two weeks ago, my friends and I got into near blows with this Okada aboki who was acting up. We had a disagreement with the fare

Having Vagina Problems? Read This Post Now!


Who else has noticed the stigma it attracts to talk about things as private as the vagina? Sometimes I feel so bad for this organ and how much work it goes through and how little respect, care or attention it gets. I admit, I used to be one of those that

Having a Bad Day? This Heart-wrenching Story By Chidinma Nwabueze is a MUST READ!

Chidinma Nwabueze

It is almost 1:00 am as I pen down this post by Chidinma Nwabueze. You see lately, I have been going through a bunch of scary hurdles that in my naivety feels herculean. By a stroke of fate, I check out my Facebook account only to find this very inspirational but

Am I Going to Have a Grand Wedding or Be a Bride on a Budget?


It is exactly 1:48 am as I pen down this post so you have to know that smoke (Wedding) chased this rat from her hole. Who else is tired of these hash tag 'BellaNaija' Wedding (s) that make you feel like you came to this life with bad-luck attaching itself

This Story By Eniola Ennmae Made Me Shed Tears!


The story of Eniola Enmae has been trending on social media for quite a minute. I had pushed off reading it on Instablog but seeing it on other news pages made me sought out her social media handles and I haven't been able to turn off my tap. It is a

Ladies Get in Here ASAP! To Shave or Not To?


Am I the only one that finds " Shave dates " an annoying necessity? I mean the afflictions of the women folk come a dime a dozen. Why in God's earth does getting these curly mess out have to be a commandment to be followed strictly? Considering that this post is