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MM Reviews: Black Panther ; “Everything Nollywood Is NOT But Could BE”

Black Panther

A lot of my avid followers could practically feel my excitement from my visit to Wakanda yesterday. However, what I did not mention was how all that excitement died a gruesome death as I stepped into my house to meet darkness; typical of my country, Nigeria. Verdict:9.0 Stars ⭐⭐⭐ The trailer never gets

Fifty Shades Freed Review: An Ignorant, Poisonous Anti-Feminist Hate Anthem (Culled)

Fifty Shades

So I was perusing the internet, searching for nothing in particular then stumbled on this hilariously striking review of new erotic movie, Fifty  Shades Freed. Since I have enlisted the movie for next week's review, I thought to throw in the ice while you anticipate my review of the movie. Beautiful

‘Black Panther’ Review: A Sleek Marvel of A Kingly Superhero (Culled)

Black Panther

Apparently, the reviews for Black Panther has started rolling in so I thought to myself "How about you share some reviews ahead of your own review"? Do not be shocked, you would be getting many of these culled reviews from time to time. This review is from Chicago Tribune by movie