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MM Reviews: ‘The Blindspot’ Starring Rita Dominic & Femi Jacobs

It is always a delight to see Rita Dominic and Femi Jacobs in a movie (the two have bad-ass onscreen chemistry) and that notion prompted my desire to see The Blindspot. If you follow me on Instagram, I did reveal that I was a little skeptical about seeing the movie.I

How the 75th Golden Globes & the ‘All Black Silent’ Protest Should Affect Your Views in 2018

Golden Globes

In all my adult life of being entertainment savvy, I have never seen the magnitude of awareness creation on a subject matter as seen on the 75th edition of the Golden Globes. I’ve never heard so many voices amid the silence of camera flashes, award presentations, glitz and glamour. Silence literally lit

5 Bedroom Truths Your Girl Is Keeping Away From You + Tips on How to Find Out


What better time to discuss the hard truths of Bedroom matters than in the beginning of the year when most of earth's population is operating the new year, new me resolution hogwash? Before we delve deeper into my audacious topic for today, I'd have you all know that this post will

Happy New Year! Check Out My Top 5 Nollywood Movies of 2017

Happy New Year movie lovers!!! I am pretty much excited about 2018 and that's what happens when you have your goals mapped out ahead of a New Year. Based on popular demand, I have decided to share my very top 5 movies of 2017. I have selected my top 5 movies

5 Tips to Film Making Mastery By Ace Nollywood Cinematographer, Nodash

With 2018 just a few hours away, I decided I wanted to share my most recent insight into the world of Film Making. Do not be shocked, movie reviewing is more than just appreciating/critiquing a movie from the lame entertainment hungry viewer angle but also understanding the level of work

MM Review: I am Excited to Bring You Guys… “Wives On Strike The Revolution”

Wives on Strike The Revolution

I started writing my review for 'Wives On Strike The Revolution' say 45 minutes ago. It usually doesn't take this long but for reasons ranging from trying to control my excitement from slipping through my intro, I have had to clear over a hundred times! Before we go too far, a

The Exaltation of Slut-Shaming in my Country is Appalling!

The irreparable damage of corruption in my country is one thing but the exaltation of Slut-Shaming is honestly becoming another thorn in the flesh. Barely two weeks ago, my friends and I got into near blows with this Okada aboki who was acting up. We had a disagreement with the fare

Having Vagina Problems? Read This Post Now!


Who else has noticed the stigma it attracts to talk about things as private as the vagina? Sometimes I feel so bad for this organ and how much work it goes through and how little respect, care or attention it gets. I admit, I used to be one of those that

MM Review: Throwback to ‘Love Or Something Like That’ Directed by Shirley Frimpong Manso

Love Or Something Like That

Yesterday, I decided to see Shirley Frimpong Manso  2014 movie, Love Or Something Like That but I think you should first know why I made the decision to see an almost 4 year old movie. Hold on for a second for the official trailer: Boredom? YES but while I get set

Am I Going to Have a Grand Wedding or Be a Bride on a Budget?


It is exactly 1:48 am as I pen down this post so you have to know that smoke (Wedding) chased this rat from her hole. Who else is tired of these hash tag 'BellaNaija' Wedding (s) that make you feel like you came to this life with bad-luck attaching itself