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Am I Going to Have a Grand Wedding or Be a Bride on a Budget?


It is exactly 1:48 am as I pen down this post so you have to know that smoke (Wedding) chased this rat from her hole. Who else is tired of these hash tag 'BellaNaija' Wedding (s) that make you feel like you came to this life with bad-luck attaching itself

MM Review: We Got the Anticipated “The Wedding Party 2”

Wedding Party

For weeks now "The Wedding Party 2" has got me feeling like a full grown adult in desperate need of a toilet. Call it excitement but I'd prefer the word anxiety. Before I tell you why, a look at the official trailer of Nigeria's most talked about screenplay: I did not

MM Review: ‘The Bridge’ Directed by Kunle Afolayan

I have to admit that I have anticipated 'The Bridge' from when I found out production was underway probably because Chidinma Ekile was debuting as an actress in it. I expected a lot from it seeing that it is a Kunle Afolayan movie (I respect his craft like kilode). Here is

Ladies Get in Here ASAP! To Shave or Not To?


Am I the only one that finds " Shave dates " an annoying necessity? I mean the afflictions of the women folk come a dime a dozen. Why in God's earth does getting these curly mess out have to be a commandment to be followed strictly? Considering that this post is

#FlashBack Friday: Why Am I Not Attractive? PT 2


If you missed it, here is an excerpt : "You know when shit got real? It has to be when everyone around me began talking about what this suitor got them and what another admirer promised to get them. Something had to be wrong with me. Cars did not stop to offer