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Naturally Zeusie Series: Wash Day With My 5 Step Banana Hair Mask

In my mom’s voice, “There is nothing natural hair won’t make you do” and that includes adding Banana to the hustle! For the Natural hair pros, the Banana Mask for hair growth is no  news but for a whole lot of us, we hear but we never try.

The Banana Hair Mask therapy is awesome for people who complain about their hair always being dry. Banana contains antioxidants which help give the hair some needed moisture. It is important to note that the therapy is great for all hair types (permed and natural).

For my Saturday “Wash day”, I thought to experiment and this is how the story goes….

Saturday Morning 10:30 am

I had originally researched the Avocado mask therapy but since I am no fan of Avocado, I jilted it for some good old Bananas. Although I was told that two Bananas would do the magic, I ended up using a whole bunch so you might as well prepare for that!

I set out with first making a Banana Paste...

I used a blender to get my paste but if you don’t have a blender handy, mashing it up with any hard tool can suffice.

Add Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar and Coconut Oil…

I made sure to add 3 spoons of each of the above and a little extra as I had a huge paste after which I mixed thoroughly and blended for the extra Senrenre (not necessary).

Apply to Dry Hair…

I proceeded to apply the mixture  to my dry hair from root to tip, making sure that my baby edges are drowned in the process (Shebi they said it is for growth).

Leave In For 30 Minutes…

I have to admit that I took mine wayyyy overboard. I had a bunch of chores I needed to complete before shower time and the hair wrapping was so lit, I absolutely lost track of time. I had the mask in my hair for 3 hours!

Wash With Black Soap…

I actually saw to wash with shampoo but I prefer to use Black soap…Dudu Osun to be exact. After washing twice, I used a conditioner.

Report Card? 

Have a look:

Banana Mask

Please note that I have been struggling with particles of the mask that got stuck in my hair. Normally, it’d be frustrating but I choose to Kumbaya. It will get out when it decides to.

My hair feels really soft and tangle free. I did complain a few weeks back that my hair tangled so bad after i had it colored. I had to go on a conditioning spree which helped but the Banana Mask did the ultimate magic.


It is a yes for me, I’d repeat next week without pictures of course.


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