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Naturally Zeusie Series: “It’s Her Hair, It’s Not”! Tips on How I Care For My Natural Hair

After months of persistent messages to write about my Natural Hair journey, I guess I have finally given in with this series. It’s about the shortest and most inconsistent series I’d ever write and I’d tell you why… No, you’d find out pretty soon.


History Time

The genesis of my natural hair journey for a lot that don’t know was quite accidental. Back in 2014,I decided I no longer wanted to keep my hair long and bother with the cost of maintenance so I took a trip to the barber’s shop. For the next couple of months (into 2015), I maintained my hair cropped till I stumbled on some of these natural hair photos that make you imagine that the journey is as sweet as walking into a candy store.A look at this one…

Tolani (Natural Hair Blogger.. Instagram)

Present Day

In all honesty, managing natural Hair is not as seamless as these natural hair bloggers film it to be. It’s for the dedicated and patient. Although I have had no issues with length ( my hair grows quite fast), I have had quite the challenge managing wash day, protective styling and product choice.

How Do You Do It?

The question of the day 😁😁!

For one, I despise stress so I make sure to keep my hair routine as smooth as possible.

Hair products

Below are a list of my “Can Never Do Without” products for my hair

Olive Oil ( As I said, I love to keep it as simple as possible so I just get the Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oil from off any shelf)


Shea Butter. My mom supplies the best Shea Butter (aka Ori). I never run out of this beauty… Ever!

Leave-In Conditioner. My hair doesn’t give a lot of wahala but sometimes, the density of the center makes it necessary to baptize the hair with an ocean of Leave-In conditioner. Leave-In is like my savior and ride or die. Over the last few months, I have tried a couple of Leave-In brands including: Cantu, African Naturalistas, and most recently Organics. 

Castor Oil ( JBCO) It is certified that any offspring of my family is prohibited from having full edges. I guess I have accepted my fate but nonetheless, I ensure that I keep the baby edges as available as possible. I apply Castor oil on my edges and massage for 10 minutes before twisting for the night

–  My Faithful Spray Bottle. My spray bottle is designed to be very handy. It contains Water, Leave-In, Coconut oil, Olive oil, a few drops of Jojoba oil, Castor oil and a couple other secrets.


To be continued…

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