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MM Reviews: Sunday Evenings, Post Heartbreak and Two Tickets to See “Getting Over Him” Directed by Desmond Elliot

Getting Over Him

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Sunday’s movie date to see Uduak Isong produced and Desmond Elliot directed movie, Getting Over Him was a little laced with excitement. The winner of my Mamazeus Movie Freak competition was my movie buddy and we had a bunch of laughs that gave me the right vibe to write this week’s review. CHECK OUT pictures from our evening out.



First, a look at the trailer:

I loved this movie for a couple of reasons ranging from the fact that the story was very relatable. If you have been heart broken, you would definitely see through the vulnerable, defensive and aggressive lens of the major character, Mimi.

If you have had the misfortune of getting heart broken by the proverbial ‘Yoruba Demons’, laughing and hurting simultaneously through the antics of Kenny won’t be far fetched. If you are a per time (hormonal induced) pervert like myself, you might end up licking the screens when Thomas displays his taunt behind and well toned body. I am trying to say that the movie suits everyone but kids.


Mimi finds out her boyfriend has been two timing and she may have been the side chic. Heartbroken she finds solace in a blog that takes her on a step by step guide to finding love again. GETTING OVER HIM stars Majid Michel, Deyemi Okanlawon, Matilda Obaseki, Bimbo Ademoye, Olive Emodi. Produced by Uduak Oguamanam and directed by Desmond Elliott.

I think the above would suffice. There really isn’t much to this comedy that we haven’t pointed out. Maybe for the part where Mimi discovers that Thomas has been the heartbreak blogger whom she had so freely opened her heart to after her bitter breakup with Kenny. The movie is pretty straight forward and a good way to laugh.

See another clip:

Coming soooonnn 💃🏽💃🏽#Repost @ememisong (@get_repost) ・・・ Give me a love story anytime anyday❤💛💚💜. I am so going to love this movie #Gettingoverhim, especially with some of my favorite people featuring in it. Give it up for my sis for bringing us this one. @Uduakisong1#Repost @uduakisong1 (@get_repost) • • • We were so stressed making #gettingoverhim but you can never tell from our smiles. @georgeenathaniel has made original soundtracks for my films since I started making films. From OkonLagos to Getting Over Him. He's one of the most talented people I know. Song writer. Guitarist. Singer. Producer. Enjoy this beautiful song by him. @deyemitheactor @matildaobasekimozia @majidmichelmm @closerpictures @desmondelliot @sandraokunzua @bimboademoye @ememufot @oliveemodi @valerieokeke @sophiealakija @iamokenwa @eyo.mimi

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The movie features:

Majid Michel

Getting Over Him
Majid Michel

I guess I had forgotten the power Majid has over my generation. Don’t blame me, I started to see him more as a man of God and less of the “White butt” flaunting Ghanaian actor (If this guy doesn’t twitch a little nerve end down there, You are no WOMAN)! Surprisingly, Majid defies his 2017 established golden rule of never showing his milky butt on screen or locking lips with his colleagues. Majid brought on 75 percent of his sensual on-screen game in this movie. He kissed, showed butt (not naked but in white briefs) as well as some eggplant and some sumptuous biceps for the kill.

Oh I forgot to add, He played the role of the Prince in dashing armor who steps in to blow Mimi off her feet. A millionaire business developer, accidental stalker who enjoys catching Mimi in her most ridiculous moments (guys watch out for the vibrator scene, it killed me)and a secret Heartbreak therapist blogger on the side. I wish we all could find us some Thomas when Yoruba demons attack.

Matilda Obaseki

Getting Over Him
Matilda Obaseki

Tinsel star, Matilda Obaseki plays the lead role in this romantic comedy. Mimi gets her heart totally shattered by an eventually repentant play boy only to nearly allow her insecurities and “once bitten, twice shy” notion cost her a handsome bruva. I wish the Mimi and Thomas character were real, I’d be on some strategising ‘Boyfriend snatching vibes” like right this minute.

Deyemi Okanlawon

Getting Over Him
Deyemi Okanlawon

Here is the face of the Yoruba Demon of the moment. Imagine lying about being a twin just to make sure you eat your cake and still have it? Deyemi Okanlawon plays the character, Kenny who succeeds temporarily in messing with the heads of two beautiful women.

Other cast include Bimbo Ademoye, Olive Emodi among others.


I must commend the plot progression as well as the nice twist and how it played out quite nicely- Mimi discovers that Kenny has been cheating through his side chic,they agree to play him his game and finally how Mimi learns to love again in the arms of Thomas.

What better way to get over a heartbreak than getting hitched to a stunningly rich guy who sharpely moves you from prepaid to postpaid?

I also like how the nemesis is introduced. I would have imagined that Kenny (Deyemi Okanlawon) would be out of the picture but I admire how we are informed that he loses a vital document required for a business deal in the breakup drama.

I think this is the movie if you are looking to catch up on an uncomplicated Nollywood comedy with a STORY LINE. None of the cardinal points go overboard except that it left me with an unshakable sexual tension that I have been looking to the heavens to take away. Ultimately, you should see this movie. My Igbo mind is saying maybe not at the cost of N2500 but who cares?

My two points is not me being stingy but me calling out Silverbird SEC cinemas for their poor services. The lighting in the cinema hall was nothing to write home about. It made the movie look like they had used a backyard camera and don’t get me started on the sound. Too loud at a point then too low. Whoever was behind the curtains needs to settle scores with me! Then the chairs? Very uncomfortable. Silverbird cinemas should get a revamp and quick!


If you ever have seen Getting Over Him, let’s know what you think by rating it here:

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