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MM Reviews: ‘The Blindspot’ Starring Rita Dominic & Femi Jacobs

It is always a delight to see Rita Dominic and Femi Jacobs in a movie (the two have bad-ass onscreen chemistry) and that notion prompted my desire to see The Blindspot. If you follow me on Instagram, I did reveal that I was a little skeptical about seeing the movie.I would tell you why but first, a look at the trailer:

Now in all honesty, I doubt anything that is poorly introduced. After seeing an Instagram clip of the trailer, I made up my mind that I was going to kick off the MM Review year with the movie. However, the first piece of online material ( synopsis) about the movie gave me the impression that whoever the producer of the movie was did not pay attention to detail and finishing. See what I mean:

The Blindspot

Another Synopsis culled from YouTube for the official trailer:

“The Blindspot” movie is a hilarious romantic-comedy that will keep you glued to your sit till the last scene. Suspense filled, love, betrayal, family values and funny. Love never seems so bitter. Directed by Igunwe Alfred Otaniyuwa”.

Dear readers, I would have you know that the above synopses are a far cry from the theme of the movie, the conflict or resolution.

Fact Synopsis

The Blindspot, directed by Alfredido is a tragedy (it ends with the death of the major character). The movie revolves around Ayomide (Femi Jacobs) whose raging libido makes him engage in premarital sex few weeks to his wedding. His bride, Rita Dominic (I am having a hard time spelling the character’s name) is a firm believer in abstinence till the wedding night and ensures her man keeps his end of the bargain ( taunting him does not make it any easier).

A quick and quite convenient trip to Dubai for a quick shopping ahead of the wedding was all that was required to get Ayomide comfortable with a hooker(Etinosa Idemudia) who falls in love/lust for him and is left heart broken when she learns he is to be married in a few weeks. In a moment of anger, she spits:

“May your little man take a very long bow at the sight of a pussy”

Ayomide’s predicament follows shortly. Months into the marriage, he is faced with what is probably every man’s biggest fear- not being able to have an erection.

Frustrated and feeling betrayed, his bride leaves the marriage to spend some time with her grandmother (after she discovers his brief rendezvous) and alas, we find a twist to the story- Her grandmother had placed a spell on her that caused men to never have erections around her in a bid to protect her from rape (The bride’s mother was raped and died during childbirth).

While they try to undo the spell, an already demoralized Ayomide attempts to plead with the hooker to remove the spell which he assumes was placed on him by the hooker’s statement,  loses his job because he refuses to share some of his powerful “little man” with his boss’s daughter and ultimately kills the hooker and her drug addict boo before taking his own life.


Rita Dominic

The Blindspot

Femi Jacobs

The Blindspot

Etinosa Idemudia

The Blindspot

Rachael Oniga

The Blindspot

Among others…


Ordinarily, the story plus the above mentioned cast would have been the formula for zero hissing commendation, however, I have been left with no other choice than to say it as it hurts.

The movie reminded me so much of how you pump in a lot of money without paying attention to detail then end up complaining that things should have mapped out better. For one, whoever the sound engineer was should be given one million strokes. In almost all the scenes, the soundtracks overrode the voice of the characters so much that at a point, I was not quite sure if I was listening to rhythm or words.

Another on my check list was how the story played out. The excessive use of the time-lapse effect made me feel dizzy and gave the movie a very unrealistic feel. I insist on stating at this point that if a scene looks too difficult to accomplish based on the sentiments of the actor (which only happens in Nollywood), I think the scriptwriter should find a way to restructure the scene and not gamble with the audience’s patience for mediocrity. Common! The hooker/stripper had on a very appropriate looking dress and could not even convince me that she had any stripper skills except if I am to call that marine spirit ritual dance, a new Nigerian stripper style.

I’d give kudos to the sex scene. it was BRILLIANT to use silhouettes to play it out.

What I failed to introduce in the synopsis is the character of the ‘Man in Suit’ who apparently controls the tragic end of the fated lovers. The Man in Suit was a character of convenience. The story appeared to be headed to an easy closure and the script writer thought “Oh, how about I add this character to give my audience a weird feeling”. He succeeded albeit leaving a bad taste in my mouth and my movie companions of course!

The Man in Suit is seemingly a fallen angel who goes on and on about how he has watched the daughters of Eve deceive men with their beauty and how Ayomide’s bride was fated to break numerous hearts before getting married. The movie ends with a warning to “Beware of the Man in Suit….”

I forgot to add that getting an A4 paper isn’t so hard. They should never have settled for a sheet from a jotter to suffice for a test result.


Needless to say that I was disappointed! I need a refund of my N1500 and I need it fast! This movie gets a



If you ever have the Balls to see ‘The Blindspot’, let’s know what you think by rating it here:

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  1. I had a feeling it was going to be an average movie judging from the trailer. It’s just sad that Rita Dominic had to be in it.
    Thank you for your review. At least I know what movie not to see.

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