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Having Vagina Problems? Read This Post Now!


Who else has noticed the stigma it attracts to talk about things as private as the vagina? Sometimes I feel so bad for this organ and how much work it goes through and how little respect, care or attention it gets.

I admit, I used to be one of those that couldn’t care less how pretty cookie fared as long as she got properly cleaned and primed, I expected her to function on 100 percent capacity but that’s till most recently.

I might feel the need to share my private’s problems but that will be in a VLOG which I am thinking seriously of starting but for now, hear it first that since it happened, I have made an attempt to know my Vagina, listen to her complaints and worries and attend to them adequately. My Vagina has become my best friend!

Even if you aren’t having any cookie problems, it is important that you start making the quiet lady your best friend. Here are some quick steps which you must have heard a million times but haven’t paid any attention to:

Flee from Scented Soaps, Feminine Wash etc

To be honest, every time I talk about this, I always omit that I only discovered this like one year ago. All my twenty something years on earth has seen enough scented soaps going into my darling HooHah. After I discovered, I made concerted efforts to stop. It was hard changing the habit but now, it is probably one of the best decisions I have made because I now make sure I…

Wash Sisi Zeus at least 5 times daily depending on how much I pee or do the major.

Cold water and a trusted piece of clothe is great but I just trust my fingers my dear. Gentle massages with water for at least 2 minutes and a dry up session with a clean trusted towel is all you need in the cleaning aspect. Why you shouldn’t bother with what happens inside? Like a cat, the Vagina self cleans.

Drop Ice Cream and Pick a Pack of Greek Yoghurt!

I discovered the benefits of Yoghurt especially as it concerns your darling Super woman. The Greek yoghurt to be precise contains live cultures that help boost the vagina’s good bacteria. I also discovered that not all kinds of yoghurt is great especially the really sugary ones so I went Google hunting on the best home made recipe for Greek Yoghurt. Check this one out HERE

See a Doctor!

Amidst all the things that cost money in this country, taking your cookie to see a doctor is probably one of the last things on the national budget. However, that has to change. From time to time, get down there some proper medical attention to be sure some WITCHES are not camping in there and causing damage.

From experience, I strongly advice! The procedure can be humiliating but better a humiliating few minutes than a life time of regrets.

Focus on Cotton and Not Sexy!

I strongly advice that you change your underwear at least every six months. I confess I have a 4 year old pantie and even though I say to myself that the pantie is for memory keeping, I haven’t stopped using it.

Allow your body breathe! Cotton underwear is designed to allow air. Quick secret, I hear under the Abaya, Northern girls don’t wear panties. That is a habit I am slowly cultivating. You should too!

Children of the World, Practice Safe Sex

I can shout this one till the next century and Shides of za World will ignore me but the truth is, no matter how you keep the Vagina clean, if you are having sex with a sack of Infections, you will catch it. I also discovered that using condoms helps keep your cookie’s pH level in check so good bacteria, like lactobacilli, can survive. This will prevent UTIs, Yeast infections and that embarrassing one called bacterial vaginosis (The Sawa Fish Seller).

Lastly, Be Careful With Antibiotics

I found this online and I am still investigating but I hear to never go more than a prescription to avoid hurting the PH level of good bacteria like lactobacilli.

Communicating with your Vagina should be in your 2018 new year’s resolution and that is imperative. A look at this funny video by popular Nigerian vlogger, Omabelle which I found kinda useful till the feminine wash part came in:


Enjoy that Bad ass below your abdomen!


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