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MM Review: Throwback to ‘Love Or Something Like That’ Directed by Shirley Frimpong Manso

Love Or Something Like That

Yesterday, I decided to see Shirley Frimpong Manso  2014 movie, Love Or Something Like That but I think you should first know why I made the decision to see an almost 4 year old movie. Hold on for a second for the official trailer:

Boredom? YES but while I get set for the next big Nollywood screenplay, Wives on Strike The Revolution, I decided to engage myself in some old movies. I got myself an IFLIX account and the first movie I selected was this beauty by renowned Ghanaian movie director, Shirley Frimpong Manso.

Ratings: 1-10

Synopsis of ‘Love or Something Like That’

Love or Something Like That is a 2014 Ghanaian Nigerian film directed by Shirley Frimpong-Manso. The screenplay tells the tale of a newly married couple who face just about the biggest test of their marital vows. Few weeks into the marriage, Kwarley Mettle who is a renowned surgeon discovers that she has been infected  with HIV from an unwanted unprotected sexual intercourse with her ex boyfriend, Henry Dominic.

Breaking the news to her husband, Alex Walker throws the marriage into turmoil with the couple attempting to receive solace from external factors (Alex from a horny colleague and Kwarley from Henry). As is the norm with every Shirley Frimpong-Manso movie, love surmounts all as the couple find their way back into each other’s arms. 


Love Or Something Like That
Joselyn Dumas

Joselyn Dumas plays the role of Kwarley Mettle, the surgeon bride who discovers weeks after her wedding that she contracted HIV from her ex.

The role was played explicitly by Joselyn and even though there was a bit of unrealism here and there, none came from Joselyn’s inability to play her role efficiently- it had everything to do with the script.


Love Or Something Like That
Just see man… Johnny ohhh

John Dumelo is my forever crush so anything I say about him is a little bit exaggerated.  He played the role of Alex Walker- the unlucky groom who gets saddled with having protected sex all through his married life. I think he did so well, I nearly teared up especially when he teared up himself. Have a look:


Another of my favorite is OC Ukeje.

Love Or Something Like That
OC Ukeje

If you know me well, the fact that I always envisioned being the brother’s bride would definitely not be news but just like Banky, Ebuka, Idris Elba, OC was the one who got away. Now I don’t fault OC’s craft in the movie, once again, I fault the movie production team.


Action/ Suspense

I might have implied before now that the focus of this movie was a little less to fulfill our need for action. It was largely slow tempo. The story was captivating but lackluster on the suspense part. Maybe I am used to Shirley’s movies but I could second guess the end. I did and I was right. The couple fixed their issue, the conflict (Henry ) found his way out of the script (he died) and Shirley convinced us to go home with the feeling that an HIV negative and positive couple can live happily ever after with the use of condoms. PROTECTED sex all through their lives??? Hmmmmmmm…


What I Think

The movie was pretty emotional which was a seller for me. I could actually relate to the pain of Kwarley who couldn’t give her all to a marriage for a mistake which was actually not exactly her fault.




However here are a few unrealistic touches that kept rearing their rude heads.

  • The movie employed the use of the flashback technique to tell its story. I particularly found that interesting but for the part where the couple were about to consummate the marriage and lo and behold, Kwarley fishes out a pack of condoms from the drawer. At this point, I am like “Ki lo de”. She later tries to explain to her friend that she is taking precautionary measures to keep the babies away till she is ready.


  • Ghallywood and Nollywood, how difficult is it to get a sex scene done? They had bits of clothes on in all the sex scenes. When we finally got the chance to get our imagination rolling was probably the bathroom scene that featured Alex trying to wash off whatever residue from having sex with his wife however, it was too painful for any viewer in  her right man to imagine bedroom times. The most incredulous scene for me had to be when Henry Dominic (OC Ukeje) tried to forcefully have his way with Kwarley but remains fully clothed in fact, they are both fully clothed.I must point out that there was foreplay before the supposed forceful entry. The attempt to convince me that his WIGGLE was out of clothing was so unbelievable that I had to take the movie back twice to be sure my brain wasn’t misinterpreting.


  • Now to the peak of my concerns with the movie. Asides AIDS, Henry had terminal cancer and with his parched lips, he disclosed that he had undergone chemotherapy but alas, he had his hairs intact- like healthy intact. The only show of poor health were jaundiced eyes ( I am still wondering how they managed that effect. Brilliant!).


No Word of Advice…


7/10 It was a great movie but for the above mentioned. Since it is an old movie, I know most of you have seen it. Let me know what your thoughts are. Many thanks.

Credit: Google, YouTube


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