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Am I Going to Have a Grand Wedding or Be a Bride on a Budget?


It is exactly 1:48 am as I pen down this post so you have to know that smoke (Wedding) chased this rat from her hole. Who else is tired of these hash tag ‘BellaNaija’ Wedding (s) that make you feel like you came to this life with bad-luck attaching itself to both your fore and back head?

Just this year, I have stayed up at night countless times, going through some of the classiest Nigerian weddings in history and wondering how my real life Wedding will look with my account balance ( I am officially depressed and in dire need of ColdStone). To make matters all the more unbearable, 2017 is hurriedly coming to its end and I can almost imagine my long list of aunties waiting for the D-Date.

It is not like I am that old, it is just that this IG life of impression makes me so unsure if my ONE is really the ONE and I won’t be shook if whoever is reading this has felt this way at some point in their life. These days I look at weddings and I am like, “Mehnnnn  this one no follow for line or Mehnnnn, is this a Wedding or a rag day event”? The funny part is I don’t even learn. Just last year, I had a nervous breakdown for a celebrity marriage we later heard in 2017, was built on lies and false pretense. The cars, expensive jewelry was all for the GRAM.

I hate to rub in on another human’s pain but I must say that this gist came just in time to knock me out of the #BAAD2017 reverie. A few hours ago, I stumbled on gist that the groom of one of the most talked about 2017 weddings is cooling off in Kirikiri on charges of alleged fraud which was committed in 2016 ahead of his lavish destination Wedding. Funny enough, I assumed that he was a business man and not an employee to afford such lavishness but… While his picture is splattered around social media as a thief, his beautiful celebrity bride continues to look pretty and attend events.

Moral of the story? Why should my wedding be about impressing people as opposed to marrying the love of my life? I have been at weddings where I didn’t taste a grain of rice and that doesn’t mean the couples aren’t enjoying their married life so why will I allow these “for show” celebs postpone my wedding plans for when God finally picks up my call and sends the credit alert worthy of a Princess? I think not!

You see in 2018, my number one resolution is to say YES to any brother that brings a ring even if it is by accident. I don’t want to end up like these sisters BIKO!

Low budget or Fancy? Ermmmm…Nobody is eating more than one plate of rice for sure and if I get angry with the economy, I will have myself a destination wedding and have you guys attend with hashtags after all, I won’t be the first.


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