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MM Review: We Got the Anticipated “The Wedding Party 2”

Wedding Party

For weeks now “The Wedding Party 2” has got me feeling like a full grown adult in desperate need of a toilet. Call it excitement but I’d prefer the word anxiety. Before I tell you why, a look at the official trailer of Nigeria’s most talked about screenplay:

I did not want to expect too much but with the whole buzz, I sort of gave in to the excitement. The 15th never felt so long! You wouldn’t blame yours sincerely, Banky W and Adesua Etomi’s fairy tale wedding officially made the money they would have used for PR, the movie sold itself. Little wonder I spent money for two movies and a chilled drink to watch one and still can’t figure out why I spent so much.


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The Story: Read Here for film synopsis & More

The Wedding Party 2 is a sequel which everybody knows already so I would spare us the hardship. However, this sequel is strictly COMEDY!


I will laud the production team for bringing together the right blend of talents. Every member of the cast played their role extraordinarily. I tried hard to spot any kind of sloppiness from the actors and safe to say, I waited in vain. My favorite actors include:

Wedding Party
Kunle Idowu (Frank Donga)

Frank Donga– The man just took my breathe away. To think that he is Yoruba further convinces me of his theatrical expertise. He was speaking Igbo like he was born with an OJI (Kolanut) in his mouth.

Wedding Party
Chioma Omeruah ( Chigurl)

Chigurl- She featured in a one minute scene and left a huge impression on me. She is magical!

Wedding Party
Michael de Pinna

Michael De Pinna– He played the role of the obnoxious, condescending royal snub father of the bride and I loved how he interpreted the character and his British accent.

My Worst Actor- Whoever played the role of the grand Mother of the bride. You can’t convince me that the she wasn’t reading her lines off a teleprompter. It felt so artificial.


A fine learned gentleman in the Humanities once told me that a comedy is way difficult to produce than any other genre however, it grinds my bones when Nollywood makes comedies and focus too much on making the audience laugh as opposed to constructing an impeccable story. I also find it hard to understand why we always have to improvise. If a part of the script is unavailable, simply change it!

With that being said, allow me say that the movie was nothing close to the first Wedding Party except that more money was bumped into it. A lot of attention was put into spelling COMEDY that they paid little attention to continuity and common, they couldn’t find a new born baby in the whole of Dubai?

The progression of the story failed to painstakingly reach a climax, it ended up feeling like I was in a roller coaster of scenes and before I could spell WEDDING, the movie had reached and crashed its peak- Climax. 

Understandable if they try to convince me that they repeated that the wedding between the lovers happened in nano- seconds but it is a movie guys, not a series. Events have to follow a realistic process before climax. One second, we are in Dubai for a wedding, the next we have multiple dramatic conflicts and the next second, Dunni (Adesua Etomi) ‘s water breaks. I still can’t get over how a new mom can look so set after having twins and sorry crew, that baby boy looked a tad bit too old to be newly pushed out!

A Rant-Like Advice…

Ebony Films, the last time I saw a fake Nollywood bump was in 2002 ( when they still used folded wrapper). This was supposed to be a high profile movie, the biggest movie of 2017.  The least you guys could have done was give us a believable bump with a NAVEL but no, it had to look like these N1500 fake butts with a ready to wear mission of disgracing its wearer.


I’d rate this movie a 5/10


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1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (4 votes, average: 3.50 out of 5)


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11 thoughts on “MM Review: We Got the Anticipated “The Wedding Party 2”

  1. Lmaooo. Found your page from sisi yemi’s YouTube comment section. I don’t think I’m interested in watching anymore. I didn’t really feel part 1 sha. The hype was just because banky and adesua got married.
    What is worth doing at all is worth doing well.
    Hope the producers will learn their lessons. Lol

  2. The first Nigerian film I ever paid money to watch at the Cinemas was The Wedding Party 1 and even though I felt it could be better, I didn’t feel I wasted my money. Immediately, I saw the trailer for TWP2, I knew it wouldn’t be that good. Thank God someone watched it first and told me, “AY don’t waste your money”. That angel was Godsent! I agree with Raphael, the stakeholders in the Nigerian Film Industry really need to go and learn how to successfully create a sequel; its been a failure so far. Nice one MZ. Keep up the good work.

  3. The movie is more like a 4/10 to me. Very bland and boring. Only the cinematographic quality and their wardrobe were impressive.

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