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Celebrity Crush of the Week – Chidinma Ekile

Chidinma Ekile

Our celebrity crush of the week is none other than the adorable, sumptuous, Chidinma Ekile!

Chidinma Ekile

I don’t know if I mentioned that I got a six months tour of the Nigerian entertainment industry but definitely not as a tourist. I worked for a glorified ___ of a company which was dubbed a PR firm.

No doubt I learnt a great deal from writing, managing members of the press and a very erratic boss but my most valuable moments were having to deal with Nigeria’s so called “entertainers”.

I met a sizable number of the entertainment industry’s elite as the company claimed to manage their PR but the first time I met Chidinma Ekile, I knew that she was nothing like the rest of them.

Chidinma Ekile

I was responsible for writing about what’s new with them, making sure the news got to the media guys without losing the point but they (Elites) always found a way of looking through you in that Bourgie kinda way which Chidinma Ekile missed herself on.

The very first day she walked into the Yaba office, she greeted everyone almost timidly. She had this huge “Hodor” figure behind her that gave me the impression that he would bite for her (thankfully he didn’t). She seemed very peaceful and while her brainstorming session lasted, she barely made 10 sentences without being interrupted with how this and that was wrong with her music, her style or her attitude.

Eventually, she left with the resolve to make some rather drastic changes (for branding purposes), an idea(s) I clucked my tongue and assured myself it wouldn’t last my left finger count.

I was right as Chidinma in the last few months has been giving some major vibes with not just her music but her style!

Chidinma Ekile

Her amiable character got her adorned with the “Industry sweetheart” crown. Even the hardest of them gets mushy around her.

I also get mushy (No Lesbian moves intended).

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