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Ladies Get in Here ASAP! To Shave or Not To?


Am I the only one that finds ” Shave dates ” an annoying necessity? I mean the afflictions of the women folk come a dime a dozen. Why in God’s earth does getting these curly mess out have to be a commandment to be followed strictly?

Considering that this post is strictly for women, I might have to make a quick confession… I have been postponing my Shave Date for nearly 3 weeks  and that includes the SOUTH (you really shouldn’t be imagining what under my arms look like).

But really, can’t a woman just have a break? I have to worry about getting down there looking, smelling and feeling nice and in conjunction with all that effort of avoiding any kind of soap, I have to also think about my underarms…Just unfair.

I mean it this time and I have got my phone reminder to set me straight:


While I await the dreadful date, I stumbled on an online debate on whether to shave or not to… Here are some comments:

Shave Shave

The polls are confusing so help me out Ladies. To shave or not to?


Comment credit: Instagram (@Nigerianwomendiary)

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