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What If She Asks to See Your Eggplant Before Taking Your Ring?

Based on popular demand, I am bringing this post back so if you have read it before, be nice and share.

Did you hear that a Nigerian woman filed for divorce just one week after marriage because she could not stand the size of her spouse’s penis?

If you are Twitter savvy, you must have learnt that the issue caused quite a frenzy especially after Ghanaian TV host, Jessica Opare Saforo disclosed her daddy in the Lord’s opinion on the matter.

According to the Madam,  her pastor strongly supports the act of peeping at the arsenal of the brother to avoid stories that touch after saying “I DO”.
This is definitely a delicate subject as let’s all be realistic, nobody wants to wait for so long abstaining from all forms of fornication to be saddled with an inadequate…tool! I  gave it some thought and I came to the conclusion that there are many sides to this coin. Some sides, I will try to dissect while I’ll leave the rest to you all.

I want to believe her pastor was misconstrued but if he wasn’t, then I dare say he did not understand …Abeg, he was misunderstood! Let us leave it like that.

I for one cannot imagine a scene involving two dedicated Christians of the opposite sex with the male’s pants down and the female holding a torchlight, scoping to see the diameter of his instrument. What actually seems less fantastic is both parties giving way to the urge for some Kojilintus.

To avoid such risky situations, communication, I think is key. For someone you want to get married to, I believe there is no limit to the questions on the table. Now, what if she asks and the brother decides to exaggerate the situation you might ask? If that is the case, then you have something to hold against him after marriage ( don’t take the next advice…),  in fact, cheat.

Another angle is understanding the place of sex in the life of an individual. Don’t sleep around , don’t sleep around, you will not hear ! This is simple logic- if you have just one sex partner, there will definitely not be any experience of something bigger or smaller. Your experience is restricted to what your partner offers, then you both can grow together. Clearly not everyone will marry Mr Endowed.

Ultimately, there is only one way out of this predicament. If you have not had any sexual experience before marriage, please remain that way so you will have no cause to complain and for the children of Babylon, the solution to your situation is simple; “Please ask for explicit viewing”. In fact double check to be sure!

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