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#FlashBack Friday: Why Am I Not Attractive? PT 2


If you missed it, here is an excerpt :
“You know when shit got real? It has to be when everyone around me began talking about what this suitor got them and what another admirer promised to get them.

Something had to be wrong with me. Cars did not stop to offer me  rides, guys did not beg to take me for lunch or promise to fund my fun time. To make matters worse, my sister’s leftovers kept telling me how all of a sudden, I was the prettier, kinder and more mature twin.  No guy, I mean none offered me money in DJ Khaled’s voice to “spend for no reason”  I hated and still hate to beg so my broke states were usually so long lasting.”


At the start of this year (2016), I learnt something valuable. Something I saw as an inadequacy was actually a gift from God.  I learnt most importantly that being attractive is not all a woman needs to be successful.

Ladies, you do not need a thousand and one guys to convince you that you are attractive, all you need is one guy who believes the sun rises and sets on your face. You see, I finally got my host of chyking bees. They came in their gadzillions bearing gifts and lofty promises.

 “Why increase your body count for things that you can afford on your own”?  

Although the title of my epistle makes you feel I have a problem and I  admit I felt the same way, the truth is my list was never scanty, it was just filled with men I gave access into my life with the mindset of finally getting one in my camp after a thousand had walked over to the other side. These guys were sometimes cool but just were not right for me from the start but I let them in regardless. The number had to count for something, I often said to myself. You can guess how the story ends…

The Turning Point?

A look in the mirror was all it took. Do not get me wrong, looking at the mirror was just the action but seeing differently was the miracle.

Before that point, the lady who stared back at me was flawed; too much breasts, too much folds, bulging midsection, unattractive body hair, fat legs and huge arms. I saw everything in the eyes of people’s comparisons.

This look was however different. I saw a beautiful woman with flaws. I had gotten a paying job and I had solved a huge family crisis. I was satisfied more because, my back did not hit the ground but my fingers typed away. I still saw my flaws but I could finally live with them.


Darling, “You can’t be perfect cos there is nobody perfect”. Stop giving relevance to men who make shallow promises only to slide in and rush off to be with the women they have cursed before you to prove a point.  Don’t excuse your actions with being broke (no one ever has enough). Comparison is a killer of joy. Don’t waste your time trying to fit into the lives of other girls, allow yourself be the Beyonce of your crowd.

Darling, drop that dream that one day, a tinted Range Rover Evogue will park outside your house and remove your parents from penury. The truth O’ Clock is the rich are marrying the rich and screwing the poor while that “Ultimate man” kinda guy is looking for some rich man’s daughter to knock up and wife. He might make you a side chick but point is, he ain’t gonna wife you.

Be woke! Better be a priced possession than a sperm container.

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