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Movie Review: Okafor’s Law- Hit or Miss?

It is going to be a lengthy holiday and no better time to rush to the cinema to catch a movie with your boo/bae. Just in case you are looking to see Omoni Oboli’s recent movie “Okafor’s Law”, then you are in luck as it is my topic for today! Please head onto Google for the synopsis.

I give the movie a 6/10 and this is why. Please note that this is a personal opinion and does not discredit the production in anyway before I have Omoni and her squad firing down my ass as though I have committed a crime other than critiquing.

As we were saying, following the injunction scandal, I was pretty excited to shame the enemy and spend my 1500 to see the movie. Was I disappointed? Not exactly. The movie worked well on comedy. I laughed almost through the movie .The plot on the other hand could have been better explored. I felt that many of the major scenes were not properly thought out and could have used more action. Some scenes which I categorize as minor scenes were absolutely unnecessary and appeared like after thoughts. For instance, Chuks the Fox’ girlfriend Cassandra (played by Halima Abubakar) really did not need to displayed as a villain to be rolled out of the movie as funny as that scene was. I say it wasn’t thought out as after jilting his girlfriend whom we believed he loved dearly, Chuks continued his dialogue as though the world was perfect.

I must also emphasize on the excessive dialogue. The characters more often than not dulled the progression of the plot with too much talk! This ended up making me scrutinize the actors body and facial movements and trust me, I saw countless discontinuities. Need I say it also made the movie wear on for too long? It felt like back in the days Emmalex production movies on VCR where you’d be forced to watch countless movie adverts before the actual movie starts.

Sadly, the climax of the movie was somehow lost to me in the progression. At the “To God Be the Glory” part, I was not so sure if I could pitch the climax as the point when Toyin Abraham (who played the character Tomi Tijani) asked Chuks the Terminator (Blossom Chukwujekwu) what Okafor’s Law meant or when Mr. Omene (Richard Mofe Damijo) beat the crap out of Chuks for “Kpeshing” his wife. Better still, it could have been at the end when Ejiro (Omoni Oboli) refused Chuks’ advances. Seriously, I can’t figure.

Ultimately on the Misses, I expected to see crazy suspense as Chuks tried to get all three women in bed but unfortunately, he faced minimal challenges and Toyin who proved the hardest to get was downplayed almost till the end of the movie. I must add that she was my favorite character in the movie.

On the hits, I loved the story and I think the actors absolutely fell into character. Chuks the Baptist which was played by Gabriel Afolayan was one of the most difficult characters and was excellently delivered. Gabriel had to take on the role of a typical Igbo man, complete with the accent and for a Yoruba dude, he was amazing. Toyin Abraham’s character was also admirably executed. From showing us the proper, civilized advertisement guru to a crazy woman once offended. I loved the switch.

On teaching a moral lesson, I laud the movie. Sleeping with countless women doesn’t make you a man same as slaving tirelessly for a man does not guarantee his affection and dedication.

Ultimately (by this I mean finally), the movie was awesome if you take out the odds. My 1500 was not wasted, Thank God!

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