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Meet The Mamazeus Phenomenon…

“Hello My name is … and you are “? “Hi my name is Mama Zeus and it is nice to meet you”. “Mama Zeus? Isn’t that weird? Is that your real name or just one of those, you know”. “Well I get that a lot and no it isn’t but that’s the name of my blog”. “Hmm, you mean to tell me you are a blogger”?

Exactly what I have been meaning to tell you all. I have been in this blogging business for quite sometime now and every time someone, anyone asks what I do for a living, I think twice before dropping my bombshell. Not to say that it hasn’t paid off, but the fact that just admitting I’m a blogger just opens the field for more conversation which more often than not, I really would like to be excluded from.

Anyways, I like to shock myself and do things out of the norm. I love being in a moving vehicle and never wanting to get to my destination. I love wild life (not animals just living free) but most of all, I love to pen down my life through my mind’s eye.

Writing has always been my passion and I hope that you can take this ride of a lifetime with me. Don’t expect a lot but expect the best, the crazy, the humiliating and the downright fun! After all, it is a phenomenon.

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